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Community Immunity – A great deal of heated debate has now become even more controversial in the world

When Europe and many countries around the world are following strategies against disease, the debate about “community immunity” is also taking place acrimonious.

In Germany, community immunity is a really controversial topic. When explaining the principle of spreading the virus on social media, The Reputable Virologist – Christian Drosten mentioned that after 60% to 70% of people are infected with the virus, The community’s natural immunity ability will be active and make the virus cannot continue to spread.

This is the first time publishing has become a big controversy about community immunity. At the time, this statement was shocking and confusing in the public opinion. Christian Drosten then explained that this is actually a numerals calculation based on infectious disease. In fact, the new Coronavirus is a real possibility in which we don’t have a vaccine. Then German Chancellor – Angela Dorothea Merkel has also mentioned in a speech that 60% to 70% of residents in Germany will eventually be infected with the new Coronavirus.

Scholars supporting the implementation of community Immunity include Professor Ansgar Lohse – Director of the hospital associate with Eppendorf University in Hamburg. He told DW News that the premise of the Community Immunization initiative is quarantine high-risk groups over 65 years old. The situation of Germany in the time, there was no other choice besides performing Community Immunity.

Ansgar Lohse pointed out the way to decrease the number of people infected. And Germany is actually on the Community Immunity path now, but it’s not clear to speak out. He told Dw News that The German government has now realized that Community Immunity is the only option.

He said that schools can reopen. It was a step in allowing community Immunity when disease has controlled. Because there are different proofs that the new Coronavirus is the least damaging to young people, in which most of the students’ parents and teachers do not belong to group people over 65.

Ansgar Lohse said that the most important thing at this time is high-risk groups need help and protection. It also allows low-risk groups to perform Community Immunity at the same time.

In Germany, the most severe criticism of the Community Immunity concept is Mr. Karl Lauterbach – The democratic party society medical experts. In response to Ansgar Lohse’s statement, He wrote on his tweet on April 4: “I was also shocked when Lohse and others requested to perform Community Immunity in Tagesschau. If calculated with the lowest death rate, that means there are more than 500,000 Germans will die. In while our goal is still to try to minimize the number of cases before the vaccine appears”

Lauterbach’s statement on Twitter received 4,503 likes. Some comments from German netizens suggested that “let take the experts to put community immunity concept and their family infect first, and the world will follow”.

A user with the nickname “Ingo1960” wrote: “I felt like I was back in the Middle Ages. Only because of Community Immunity must sacrifice 500,000 lives. Okay, who doesn’t want to die? Who are the virus experts who want to sacrifice their lives first? I am very happy to see that they will be the first people infected with the virus to achieve the goal of Community Immunity! ”.

Asian academics also strongly criticize “Europe is on the bloody path of community immunity”. The quote for this, Opponents pointed out that the death figures in Italy and Spain now seem to be stabilizing after on the top more than 500-600 people die in a day. Italy has 60 million population equal to China’s Hubei province, but the number of deaths now exceeds 18,000 and the number of deaths here could be as high as 30,000.

There is a small town in the Bologna region of northern Italy where it is said that 67% of voluntary blood donation tested to find antibodies of the virus, but Bologna had to pay extremely painful. They asked the question: “Let imagine China did the same, They don’t control the infection and the death occur, then to achieve the death rate in Italy, at least 500,000 to 600,000 people would die. It’s so scary! Could people accept that?”.

Opponents say that: “Community immunity really opens the future of humanity with so many corpses. It is just a beautiful way of saying that the fight against pandemic failure is a veil of shame. It is a disregard for humanitarianism.”

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