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The first mobile disinfection room in Vietnam: Just 15-20 seconds to clean the whole body

Vietnam has successfully in manufacturing mobile disinfection room.

To prevent COVID-19 disease, the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment (Ministry of Health) collaborated with Hanoi University of Technology to design and manufacture successfully in moving room disinfection whole body using ionic saltwater and bactericidal technology.
On the morning of March 13, in the yard of the Vietnam Institute of Occupational Health and Environment (Ministry of Health), two types of “moving disinfection rooms” were displayed for experimentation. The chamber can be easily removable and transported. Disinfection capacity can be up to 1,000 people/day.
Going inside this disinfection room, each person will be “shaking” with the song “washing hand” (a product also made by the Vietnam Institute Institute of Occupational Health and Environment) cheerfully played. Only about 15-20 seconds from the time of entry to exit, the user has been “removed” to more than 90% of the viruses and bacteria causing disease on clothing, the body. Nasal and throat will also be germicide at the same time, non-toxic.

“The whole-body disinfection chamber will partly address the need for screening and prevention of infection in crowded areas, especially at medical examination and treatment facilities, enterprises, schools, and trade centers … contributes to the prevention of disease spread, “said the director of the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health.

The components to create the product are quite simple and manufactured in Vietnam and the price is not too expensive, so Vietnam hopes this model will continue to be applied effectively in many places in a short time.

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