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The source of Wuhan Coronavirus

The most important effect of Coronavirus Origin, Which frequently generated a great deal of heated debate has now become even more controversial.
Some people maintain that the source of Coronavirus was started from many different species of animals, including camels and bats, while opponents claim that is not sure 100% Coronavirus in humans now doesn’t begin from these animals.
This topic today I will elaborate on how bats are caused by Wuhan lung disease and how Coronavirus can be created in a different way for some reason and thus will lead to a reasoned conclusion.

At the outset, there are myriad reasons why the origin of Wuhan Coronavirus is becoming a keyword searching in the world these days, but the most conspicuous stems from the fact that so many people believe Coronavirus in human is inflection from the bats.
An instance illustrating this actions of the fact that the gene structure of a Virus in the bat was finding and Wuhan coronavirus was the same.
What is more, another point to be taken into consideration is that there are some cases about coronaviruses that can evolve and infect humans and then spread between humans in the past like SARS-CoV.
There fore, the first person who can be inflection by this Virus from a seafood market and that means that they were having more conditions to contact with animals than other people.

Moving on to consider the opposing arguments put towards by critics, some people believe that Coronavirus can be created in a hospital as a mistaken experiment for some reason. This is largely attributed to the fact that we don’t know exactly Wuhan Coronavirus was inflection from mammals to humans.
For instance, some scientist groups can create an artificial virus for good or bad reasons in an experiment, but unluckily the virus can fall out had inflected to humans and animals.
Moreover, If we noted that “Where does the virus come from?” in some famous films like “Resident Evil”, or “the Walking dead”. It also can be one of the scripts in real life.

Taking these points into consideration, from a personal perspective, I am inclined to believe that Corona Virus in a human was inflection from mammals. However, it is my considered opinion that.

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