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Australia Education System – One of the Top places Training In The World

This section we talk about: How the Australian education system works, the Australian qualification system, the education policy in Australia and the Australian education levels.

  • How does the Australian education system work?

Each state in Australia manages its own high school system and vocational training school, including public and private schools, including finance, policy, programs, quality management and all matters Relevant and so in every state, detailed issues may be different but the overall quality of education is the same.

The Australian Government manages and provides funding for universities and self-established training programs, policies, administration and development follow the rules of national education.

  • Qualifications system in Australia

There are 17 types of national qualifications in 3 training areas/levels: High school, vocational training, higher education (university).

Australia has important educational policies for international students that students and parents need to consult before sending their children to study in Australia:

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 is Australian education policy, regulations on school registration, financial management, law enforcement requirements, to ensure the quality and reputation of Australian education. , safe for tuition fees for international students and suitable for Australian immigration law.

National law on educational practice with international students in Australia, the law consists of four parts: law, agency for management and responsibility, registration of training programs and requirements for trainers.

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students – provides data on all courses that schools enroll in Australia, in which each school and each training branch is given a unique code.

  • Levels of training in Australia

Includes: High school, college, and university

High school

The popular program in Australia was prolonged for 12 years and was divided into elementary, middle and high school. In the high school program, there are two types of qualifications: Certificate of 10th grade and Certificate of high school completion, called by different names. In Australia, high school students from grade 10 and above can study parallel on-campus high school and vocational training programs. When students finish high school, students can go to work, vocational training at certificate levels, colleges or universities

Some high schools have pre-university training and often these programs are linked to specific university programs. See a list of Australian schools here.

Vocational college level

Some services colleges in Australia train and provide the following certificates:

Vocational certificates I, prolonged 3-6 months

Extended vocational certificate II & III, 6-12 months

Extended vocational certificate IV, prolonged 1 year

College, prolonged 1-2 years

College advanced, prolonged 2-2.5 years

Prolonged, extended vocational certificate for 6 months

Higher vocational certificate: prolonged 1-1.5 years

Australia has more than 60 public vocational schools (TAFE – Technical and Further Education), about 5,000 private vocational schools and 95% of schools have vocational training centers in schools. Tuition fees at these schools range from 9,000 to 14,000 AUD per academic year.


There are 39 public universities, 2 private universities and 1 US university training facility in South Australia. Australian universities have training facilities in Australia and many other countries or have training links with domestic and foreign universities. In addition to universities, there are many schools and educational institutions recognized by the Australian government as higher education institutions.


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