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How To Stop Feeling Sleepy Without Coffee Or Energy Drinks?

Have you ever studied and worked extremely sleepy yet? Even before you have slept and eaten well but still sleepy while working and studying?

You will never achieve anything during the day when your mood is lethargic, sleepy and tired.

So, in this post, I will show you the solution to solve this problem thoroughly!

So, how can we overcome sleepiness while studying and working, and especially we do not need to use drugs or coffee?

There are two methods that I will introduce with you – These two methods have been verified by me.

Method 1: “Sensory stimulation”

Human senses work to feel everything around. So, if our five all senses are active, we can not sleep.

Conversely, if these senses are passive or unused, they will cause sleepiness.

So why did I put this method first? Because this method is extremely effective!

So what can we do to move from a passive state to a proactive state to excite the senses to work again?

– For Vision: Choose a place to study and work in a bright environment.

In the case, you can not choose a spot with more light (the neutral light is most), use more light from the headlamp and increase the light at a higher level!

– For Hearing: When you feel sleepy, listen to a song while you work and study. The type of music that I recommend to use in this case is non-verbal music or any kind of music that you do not understand. Because if you listen to music you understand you will lose focus on work.

– For Taste: When you start feeling sleepy, let’s eat a special taste candy, which can be bitter or spicy …

– For the sense of smell: There are 3 options for improving the atmosphere in your study and workroom:

+ Flower Planting

+ Use Aromatic oils

+ Use Heat Rub.

– For tactile: when there are signs of sleepiness. You use your hands together and rubbed for 3 minutes. This will make your activities return to normal.

Note: All five senses should be used simultaneously in sleep at the same time to be effective.

Method 2: “Motion”

As you know, exercise helps keep the body awake.

Have you ever seen an athlete on TV sleepy during the match? No way!

That’s why at sleep we need to pick out a way to move.

I will give you some methods for you. And it is your job to choose the type of movement that suits you.

– Walk: You can walk by stairs instead of taking an elevator in a building or school or walk into the toilet.

You can refer to the scientific work of Dr. Robert Thayer for clarification.

In his study, “Walking 10 minutes will also give energy for two hours.” That’s good for you !!

– Talking: You can talk to your colleagues for 5-10 minutes or for a highlight event in the company, you will be very alert.

This can help you reduce the sleepiness because you have your brain working back from a passive state to an active state.

Especially, during the talk we will have happy emotions, sad emotions are excited so it is difficult to sleep.

– Bathing: This method is suitable for business owners or home workers.

Do you know billionaire Elon Musk? One of the best things about him is “take a shower”. In terms of medicine: taking a bath helps our muscles relax. Therefore, the stress feeling will be released.

In addition to bathing also increase the immunity, the blood will be circulated.

In summary, there are three ways you can use one at sleep, talk or shower and apply them flexible.

If you find this post helpful to you. Let’s leave your comment, like and share with your friends and family for the same.

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