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How to sleep less without getting tired?

Have you ever been in this situation: Morning wake up and you feel very tired? Although last night you sleep enough or even sleep a lot. And so, that day you feel you can not do anything good?
Maybe some of you, because some jobs that have to stay up late and get up very early? So how can you stay up late and get up early but do not feel tired, do not feel excited?
This post today I will show you “how to sleep less without tired”?
This is a very important topic because this topic relates to our mood and energy every day.
First, I will explain why we are tired when we wake up whether we sleep a lot:
According to sleep science, human nature sleeps in cycles of 90 minutes. In each cycle, sleep divided into 5 stages:
Between wakefulness and sleep: The first stage we start to close our eyes and go to sleep.
Shallow Sleep: occupy about 50% of sleep cycle
Deep Sleep: occupy 10% of the sleep cycle
Completely asleep: The period in which the body rests
Sleep-associated with dreaming: As the eye stage can operate, other parts are not working
And keep repeating for the next cycle!
If you sleep for 5 cycles of 90 minutes = 7.5 hours, you will wake up very well.
If you wake up in deep sleep or Completely asleep, you will be very tired. Because at this stage, your body is not working. So, waking up at this time will cause your body to move from inactive state to active state immediately. This is very dangerous and directly affects your health.
That is why there are days when you get up very tired sleep or sleep.
So, what is the condition for a good sleep?
The secret is for you to get perfect sleep (That mean: sleep 5 full cycles)
And you have to wake up at the right time (That mean: get up at the right time between “Between wakefulness and sleep” and “Shallow Sleep”)
So how do you get up to do that?
Here’s the recipe for you:
waking up time = bedtime + 1,5 hours x 5 + A
A – The time when you lay down to sleep.
Normal: A = 15 – 30 minutes
According to this recipe, so that you can wake up without tired (applied 3-6 cycles)
Thus, this study has denied that every person who needs 8 hours of sleep a day is inaccurate!
All information about this study is published in Telegraph.co.uk by the web-blind group.
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