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Obesity is adversely affecting the life of Australians

Australia is still a population ageing country, but the rate of increasing elderly people is slowing and obesity is thought to be part of the cause, according to the results of a newly published study.

Accordingly, Australian issues gaining weight fast are causing a significant impact on the proportion of Australian life expectancy. The research has been published in the Australian medical journal on May 20, showing that the rate of increase in life expectancy has slowed since 2003.

The study results indicate that the life expectancy of Australian men is 80.5 years old and Australian women are 84.5 years, higher than the life expectancy of Western Europe population and the United States.

Since 1981 to 2003, Australian life expectancy leapfrogged by Australia as a leader in cutting smoking rates, resulting in reduced cardiovascular disease mortality rates. However, In recent years, obesity starts to drop because of having more obesity nowadays and the government no longer strongly limits smoking as before.

The report emphasized, “A less scientific habit of eating 30-40 years ago, especially in eating foods containing lots of sugar and calories, as well as the impact of these foods on health, Including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are urgent health issues in Australia. ”

Along with that, the report said, “While the long-term health effects of obesity may be uncertain, but having evidence shows that maternal risk for chronic diseases is increasing for medium overweight. And for people who are seriously obese, this risk is similar to those who regularly smoke. ”

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