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Why Studying In Australia Is The Best Choice At The Moment?

  • Quality of practical training.

At all levels, the studying in Australia programs is built by experts in each specific field, designed based on the actual needs of society, the specific occupations and labors as well as development orientation of the country.

  • The quality of education has controlled.

The state has always focused on controlling of education quality. This control is expressed through laws, for example, Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS), about school registration requirements – majors when the school wants to train for international students. Schools that have all the required conditions are listed on the Federal Register’s website for training institutions and courses for international students – Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students – CRICOS.

  • Australian qualifications are recognized globally (Australian qualifications framework).

Australian high school diplomas are recognized globally and students can apply for admission to any university in the world. Australian universities are known for the quality of teaching, research and many Australian universities ranked among the top 50, 100 and 200 universities of the world. Australian scientists have achieved important research achievements, won many international awards, including 8 Nobel Prizes.

  • Advanced teaching and learning methods.

The main method of teaching and learning: students are the center, encouraging students to receive, think and use knowledge in a creative and independent way. Learners are always encouraged to learn to practice with practical, intrusion in the learning process to verify and clarify the theory. Therefore, graduates and students are strong in basic knowledge – specialized and have enough practical experience for joining the workforce.

  • Flexible education system.

High school and college students can study parallel programs and the results of what they have learned are often widely recognized among schools. In colleges or universities, most schools are multidisciplinary, the quality of training is standardized, and what has been successfully learned is recognized, so learners can easy, flexible transfer of majors, grades and schools.

  • Why choose to study in Australia?

Study in English. Australia is one of the countries where the native language is English, so studying in Australia, whether studying English or studying in high school, specialized in studying, international students have a great opportunity to learn English, to use and to improve English every day. Independent English language centers or in schools, colleges and universities in Australia are equipped with modern teaching, learning, listening and viewing facilities, and help you quickly improve English. Australians are friendly and many people do not hesitate to support you in learning English.

  • Safe and friendly learning environment.

Australia is a very safe, politically stable country, with a low crime rate, strict gun control laws and people who live and work under the law, without racism or religion; and Australia appreciates the cultural diversity and social richness that international students bring to Australia when they come to study abroad. The school and related organizations – They always pay attention to international students and help them adapt to the Australian way of life. Australians are open and friendly, many students living in Homestay families to experience Australian life naturally and are often regarded as a family member.

  • Job opportunities and settlement.

Since 2012, the government has stipulated that international students of high school, college, and university are allowed to work over 40 hours / 2 weeks, and graduate students are not restricted from overtime. After graduating, students graduating from bachelor and master’s degrees are allowed to work for 2 years, students graduating from masters in research form can stay for 3 years and graduate degree for PhDs can stay 4 years. Regarding the settlement, although choosing to study abroad to settle in Australia is not an issue to be encouraged, but the government has a very friendly settlement for qualified international students – Skilled migration.

  • The Australian Government always has great supporting.

The Australian Government has enacted laws to ensure the learning rights and the capacity of international students, such as: recognizing degrees from other countries, regulating schools to meet the requirements of training for international students, ensuring the rights of learners, ensuring support for international students, ensuring support for international students adapting to studying and living in Australia, helping them achieve learning objectives set out and satisfied with the course results, there are associations supporting students and international students.

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