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What Did You Know About Australia?

Famous for its natural beauty with endless long beaches, and friendly people who love sports, Australia certainly can be known as a “Lucky country – Australia”. This is a country with full of youthful, lively and enthusiastic.

Australia is often in the top 5 countries for settling. Many people originally came to Australia only with the intention of studying, traveling or working for a few years and as a result, permanently settled there. If you have an opportunity to set foot on this beautiful land, even once, you will understand why!
When people think of Australia news today, they often think that is big country. Therefore, diversity is also associated with its vastness (it takes about 5 hours to fly from Sydney on the east coast to Perth on the west coast). When it comes to Australia, people often imagine to the white sand beaches stretching on the west coast, beautiful gorges of “Kakadu National Park” or the “Red Center” desert tinged with red in the sunset and especially cannot fail to mention to the sails of the Sydney theater. Australia is not only a country with great natural beauty, but is it also a culturally rich country with enchanting museums, top art galleries, unique cafés, and The restaurant has diverse styles from all over the world.
So whether you’re looking for a deserted beach for sunbathing or wanting to explore rainforest trails, enjoy a lively party or try a big journey through the desert. Australia can bring you all this… And more!

How to have a safe travel?

Facts Of Australia is a safe country compared to many countries in the world. With low crime rates and strict gun laws, Australia is a safe place to live. However, As the cities in the west, you should be careful when you’re in the dark, and especially with women, be wary of going alone in the evening.
Because Australians are very friendly and open, don’t hesitate to ask the locals if you get lost. Sometimes they not only show you the way but even lead to you there.
There are some safety issues noted in Australia due to the Geography with a length of nearly 4,000 km but a population of only 21 million people. If you leave the city and decide to explore the outskirts, it’s no surprise if you don’t see anyone along the way a few kilometers radius, so you should take precautions. Should bring plenty of drinking water and if you lose it, you should always stay in the car, never leave the car to seek help.

Explore around

In major Australian cities, travel is relatively fast, easy and economical. You can save money to buy tickets for traveling, which is convenient for all public transport such as buses, subways, trams or ferries.
Taxis are also affordable when traveling in the city, so many people choose a taxi when they travel short distances.
If you travel between countries or travel far away, you can use the long-distance bus service, which is relatively comfortable and economical. If you don’t have a lot of time or want to travel by plane, there are also a few low-cost airlines and many routes for you to choose from Virgin Blue, Jet Star, Qantas, and Tiger Airways operate in all major cities in Australia.
All the things above are some information about Australia. If you have any questions to ask, please comment below. If you want to know more about Australia, don’t leave our website because we have some posts about Australia you can find it.
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