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Australia announces cutting down Working Skills visa in 2019-2020

Australia has officially published a draft federal policy on April 2.
According to the report, the Australian government announced cutting down a large number of seats available for working skilled visas.
Thus, there were 128.550 seats for working skilled visas in 2018 – 2019. These visas numbers are reduced to 20,000 seats in 2019 -2020. It means that there are 108.682 seats available for working skilled visas this year. However, There are 18.652 seats available for independent working skilled visas (visa 189) – It is a type of migrants visa that allows to live and work anywhere in Australia.
In 2019-2020, there were 23,000 seats for Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional, and 24,968 seats were allocated for Skilled Nominated Visa.
Applicants for visas will have to reside in remote locals far from central cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast.
Annual immigrants are limited to 160,000 people, In which including 47,732 seats for Family and Spousal Visas, 236 seats for special immigrant occupational visas in 2019-2020.
Children’s visas are not limited. However, according to the current visa program, 3,350 seats are still provided based on visa conditions before.
Below is the specific number of particular seats available for each type of work skilled visa in 2019-2020:
Skilled Nominated visa: 30,000 seats
Skilled-Independent Visa: 18,652 seats
Skilled Regional visas: 47,968 seats
Investor and Business Visas: 6,862 seats
Global talent Visa: 5,000 seats
Distinguished Talent Visa: 200 seats
Total: 108,682 seats

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