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The reasons that Chinese students do not choose to study in the US

Chinese students are considering choosing to study in the UK, Canada, and Australia instead of the United States. The unfinished US-China trade war is the main cause of this move.
According to Easy Transfer, after the administration of US President Donald Trump imposed taxes on Chinese imports last year, the number of Chinese students who wanted to study in the United States fell. They fear that they will not be granted a visa.
The company recorded a total of $ 776 million in transactions in 2018 and hopes to reach $ 1 billion this year. However, the amount of tuition payment from China to the US, accounting for 95% in 2015, has dropped to 50% in March 2019.
Mr. Tony Gao – Easy Transfer’s chief executive, said: “Students tend to choose a university outside the US. Countries with large amounts of new transfers are the UK, Canada, and Australia. The places that Chinese students are interested in.”
According to the 2019 Chinese study abroad study report provided by China Education Consulting Company (EIC), 20.14% of respondents selected the UK as the first place they want to study abroad, the second place in the US with 17.05%.
Other popular options are Canada and Australia, which are English-speaking countries, as well as Germany and France in Europe and Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea specialties in Asia.
Studying in the US is considered by Chinese students as the best option of getting good jobs in China or abroad. Chinese occupy 1/3 of the 1.1 million international students in the US, according to the Institute of International Education in New York.
On the other hand, CNY has weakened to 6.9 NDT/USD in the last 2 weeks, which makes US tuition higher.
Since last summer, Chinese students have studied the fields of robotics, aviation, engineering and high technology – the priority areas of the Chinese government’s “Made in China 2025” industrial policy, who have been faced with a more stringent visa control process.

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  1. All Chinese student should leave USA ASAP to response Trump’s comment that all Chinese Student are spy! It’s a threat to all Chinese students. We have a lot of choices eg in Europe, Canada which are Chinese friendly!

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