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German flight taxis took off successfully in the first test

A start-up company in Germany has successfully tested a 5-seat flying taxi at speeds up to 300 km/h.
The flying taxi is designed a company called Lilium that can carry 5 passengers, has maximum speed up to 300 km/h and will be used in Germany in 2025.

The Lilium Jet five seater all-electric air taxi
The Lilium Jet five seater all-electric air taxi

Lilium company successfully tested an electric aircraft model, which is equipped jet engines on May 4. The flying Taxi can carry passengers in cities, helping to reduce traffic jam and shorten moving time.
The flying taxi has a space for a pilot and four passengers. According to Lilium, the vehicle is designing very simple and safe, That leads to the fee for moving cheaper than other aircraft. There are 36 electric jet engines to design for a flying taxi. Especially, it can take off vertically, even when it’s in the air. The air taxi only needs energy equivalent to electric cars to fly for the journey. Lilium’s flying taxis have the noise level just 20% of the helicopter and work as public transport.
Thus, this is a long step in dreaming to take aircraft moving in urban areas of the Germans.
Currently, Lilium company is waiting for the safety certification for the flying Taxi model.

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  1. Woah, It is such a great invention of German. I hope that this kind of taxis will be used in Vietnam. I would like to try this special taxis. I must give me exciting experience which i have never had before.

    • Yeah, Maybe you have to wait the year in 2025. I hope that It can be used in Your country like a Public Transportation.

  2. The company has conducted test flights before. Back in 2017, Lilium announced the first test flight of its all-electric two-seater vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) prototype. But while the prototype was able to demonstrate the shift from vertical to forward flight, the full-scale Lilium jet did not.

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