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Why does construction engineering become a hot job in New Zealand?

Engineering and construction are becoming very hot in New Zealand recently. One of these reasons is overdeveloped in Kiwi. New Zealand is a developed country for a long time thanks to clean and high-quality agriculture. Along with the trend of globalization, moving on from economic diversification New Zealand to service development and high technology. Therefore, the demand for infrastructure development is huge. The construction of roads to connect numerous of big cities and construction of houses are immensely large. Tons of immigrants whose number of houses are limited for a long time due to unpredictable government behavior leads to employees shortage to develop infrastructure to serve new urban areas.

According to government data, it is expected that 100 billion dollars will be invested in infrastructure, and the government is also expected to build 100,000 new houses within 10 years. It is a huge challenge for this country’s construction industry when workers and engineers was a huge shortage. The earthquake on the South Christchurch island in 2011, leads to the need to rebuild all of the city’s infrastructure. This is also a cause leads to the explosion of the construction industry in New Zealand.

Another reason for a lack of human resources for the construction industry is training, not enough engineers and builders. In addition, an estimated 30% of New Zealand engineering students after graduation went to Australia and other countries for work. It could be also a reason in lack of employees about the construction of this country.

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