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The core skills that New Zealand construction market needs.

According to statistics, the number of engineering students compared to the large of jobs needed for infrastructure projects in New Zealand, construction engineers are always the shortage skills of New Zealand.

Transportation & Infrastructure engineer design

It can be said that this is the type of engineer that Engineering Market of New Zealand needs to cooperate with Asian people because it requires much computing and design skills on computers. The necessity of building new urban, new industrial areas leads to the need for road design, rainwater drainage, wastewater, and water supply systems. NZ government plans to build 100,000 new houses within 10 years. Therefore, the demands are extremely high while the number of limited training is a good opportunity for foreigners to come and work.

  • Design skills using Civil 3D / 12D: This is the hottest skills because engineers who know how to use this software is limited.
  • Infrastructure design skills for urban areas and water sensitive design skills.
  • AutoCAD 2D skills.

Structural engineer

New Zealand construction market is currently quite disinclined of structural engineers from overseas to unless you have qualifications and experience in advanced countries like Singapore, England, USA. New Zealand’s structural design standards are quite special, they have to calculate earthquake factors,… Therefore, it is not easy for engineers with foreign qualifications to get a job as a structural engineer.

Site engineer

The demand for the job market in New Zealand is much but for Asians, it is quite difficult because of good health and fitness, must have English communication skills and handle good situations. Also, These engineers will have to work overtime if the project comes on schedule. However, the salary and bonus are also as high as the effort.

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