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What is special about New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country known as “the adventure land of the world”. So why is New Zealand called with that name? Let’s explore special things about this country.

  • The peaceful country and no uproarious.

New Zealand is a developed country located in the Pacific southwest, the location on the map is adjacent to Australia. The area is approximately equal 268,000 km2 with a population of about 4 million people. New Zealand was the country with the highest life and income in the world during World War II. At that time, this country provided the main agricultural production for the world (avocado, milk, meat …). In spite of the economy was down in the 1980s, This country was still in the top 20 leading economies.

  • The land of bare feet.

In New Zealand, people can walk barefoot everywhere, from supermarkets and restaurants to bars. This is seen more clearly in the summer because you can hardly see anyone bring their shoes because shoes have never been a mandatory thing for the people here.

  • You can’t pay a restaurant bill at the table.

In many other countries, after eating, you need to pay the bill at the table. In New Zealand, on the other hand, you have to go to the checkout and pay. Even in small restaurants, the cashier will only count on what you say without checking the table. Simple, because they trust you.

  • Wild nature living next to your house.

In New Zealand, there is no need to travel thousands of kilometers to see wild animals such as seals, dolphins, and whales … But you can see them living next to your home. When you come to New Zealand, you can live with harmony nature in your private way.

  • New Zealand cuisine.

For the people here, the main ingredients for making food from the meats: lamb, beef, pork or venison … They often have a habit of eating at restaurants, cafeteria or fast-food store. Fast food is the best selection of popular meals here, but having dinner at home is still considered the main meal of most people.

  • Rugby – the most popular sport.

In New Zealand, Rugby is known as the most popular sport. The team in this sport is very strong. Even at schools and sports centers, you can easily find rugby teams.

  • Catholic is the main religion in New Zealand.

Catholic is the main religion in New Zealand, most people here follow this religion. Besides, other religions are respected by most people here.

  • The movie “The Lord of the Rings”.

The film “The Lord of the Rings” directed by Peter Jackson was filmed throughout New Zealand’s territory. The success of this cinematic work, New Zealand has known as a strong position in Hollywood’s movie map. Tons of tourists came to this place to see the magical landscapes created by nature.

  • Auckland – the land of sails.

Although, Auckland is not the Capital of New Zealand, the land known as the largest and most culturally diverse city in the island nation.

  • The country always has earthquakes

Not only this country always has about 15,000 earthquakes but also does it happen very deep under the ground, so people can’t feel it happen. All buildings in New Zealand are designed base on vibrations when earthquakes occur.

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    Thank you for your sharing about the special things about New Zealand. I hope that I can go there soon.
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