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New Zealand Country Overview

New Zealand – a beautiful country with an extremely comfortable climate will be an ideal destination for international students who want to explore a new country. Why is New Zealand a destination for international students?

Climate and nature overview

New Zealand is a national island in the Southwest Pacific region, consisting of two main continents are Islands (North and South). New Zealand is located next to Australia with nearly 2 hours of flight. Therefore, New Zealand’s life is similar to Australia.

New Zealand topographic is very diverse, there are gorgeous mountains, green meadow. Moreover, this island nation has a dreamy beach which is an ideal destination for tourism. The climate in Kiwi is a temperate climate, not too hot or cold. This beautiful country is the place where the film “The Hobbit – Lord of the ring” was filmed.

On average, Three cities in New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch) have 2000 sunny hours. Auckland has the most rainfall but never flooded. Fresh air and peaceful life are attractive destinations for international students:

Economic and Social overview

New Zealand’s Market economy is extremely prosperous. Although New Zealand is a small country, it currently ranks 6th in the Human Development Index (HDI), ranks 4th in terms of economic freedom and the 15th in terms of life quality.

These positions have proven for civilization and social development of New Zealand. A low crime rate, terrorism, protests, rebellion, … almost have never happened in Kiwi. Therefore, visitors or immigrants will be treated very enthusiastically and warmly by New Zealand people. In particular, international students will be instructed very carefully and attentively.

More specifically, social and cultural activities in New Zealand are very popular. Activities including sports, arts, and culture are held regularly, so students will have many opportunities to experience this culture.

Modern education background

Focusing on both physical and intellectual development, education programs and quality training are oriented and tight control. Because of that, there are only 8 universities in the country that specialize in training and studying. New Zealand is considered one of the best high school training countries in the world. Not only knowledge training, but does this country also gives students a peaceful environment focused on learning, sports, and cultural activities.

Types of housing

There are many options for New Zealand students such as a dorm, homestay or accommodation. The fee depends on where you live, the type of housing and the number of people. Particularly for students under the age of 18, you will have to stay in a homestay or dormitory under the management and take care of the school.

Cost of living

Normally, the cost of living for one month of a student will need about 800 – 1,200 NZD including housing, dining, electricity, gas, internet, travel, entertainment. However, the above figure is only a relative estimate, the cost can be changed depending on your city or spending level.

Average overtime salary

International students in New Zealand can work more than 20 hours per week. The main Jobs are in cafes, restaurants, extra jobs in farms, … The average salary in this country for students will be around 14-15 NZD / hour.

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